KCBA Founding Principal Celebrates 55 Years in Architecture


Frederick Diseroad, RA, one of KCBA’s founding partners, is celebrating 55 years in the architectural profession in 2015. A daily presence in KCBA’s offices since the company’s founding in 1972, Fred currently acts as a project manager overseeing projects in construction.

Born and raised in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Fred graduated from Penn State in 1956 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. After serving in the United States Air Force for four years, Fred began his architectural career at the offices of Thomas Justin Imbs & Associates in Buffalo, New York. In 1963, he moved to the Philadelphia headquarters of Vincent G. Kling where he met his future partner, Wally Wolff. In 1972, Fred and Wally departed Kling and founded Diseroad & Wolff Architects, the firm that is now known as KCBA.

Headquartered in Montgomery County Pennsylvania since its founding, KCBA focuses on a range of educational, religious, residential, municipal, commercial, and community facilities. According to Jay Clough, KCBA’s Principal of Corporate Management who has been with the firm since 1974, Fred was a strong and passionate leader during the firm’s formative years. Jay says, “Fred instilled in all of us the cultural foundation that still drives our firm today – the importance of a strong balance with equal commitment to both high quality design and responsive service.”

Fred served as a firm principal until 2006 when he transitioned to a part-time schedule and fully shifted his focus to construction administration. Throughout his over 40-year tenure at KCBA, colleagues have been enriched by Fred’s artistic creativity, architectural vision, leadership, and business acumen. Other areas of Fred’s expertise such a sports, politics, and the annual critical evaluation of custom-made Christmas ornaments have garnered less universal appreciation among staff members.

Past and present members of the KCBA family join in congratulating Fred on his tremendous professional accomplishments.