KCBA Wins Design Award


The KCBA team is honored that the new Science Center at Bucks County Community College has been selected as a recipient of a Silver Award in the annual awards program of the Society of American Registered Architects PA Council. Completed in 2017, the facility serves as the college’s main hub for science education and research and serves as a dynamic platform for student and faculty engagement.

The new Science Center features a diverse mix of labs, prep areas, classrooms, and common spaces to promote student collaboration and facilitate instruction in seven science disciplines. Located at a prominent but previously underutilized campus green, the college desired for the new building to help frame and energize this outdoor activity hub. Other foundational design goals were to seamlessly link with an adjacent academic building, capitalize on scenic views out to Tyler State Park, and complement the aesthetic of Linksz Pavilion, the college’s most recent building across the green.

The jury commented, “The curved façade is pleasantly scaled to the other campus facilities and brilliantly invented to organize and successfully frame the outdoor space. Glass, bricks, stone and metal materials are judiciously applied and refreshingly tempered in the fenestration of an attractive work-a-day building which harmonizes well with its neighbors.”

More information and the full list of winners can be found here: https://www.sarapa.org/design-awards-gallery. To learn more about the project and see more photos, please visit: https://www.kcba-architects.com/project/new-science-building.