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Saint Maria Goretti Catholic Church

Hatfield, PA

New Church and Chapel on an Existing Campus

Located on an existing parish campus, this new 1,000-seat church was designed to integrate with an existing sanctuary, rectory, and school. The new building, sited at a prominent corner of the 16-acre property, is efficiently connected to the other buildings via pedestrian walkways and a new memorial garden. The leadership of the parish was interested in an architectural style for the new church that recalled the roots of early Christian architecture yet facilitated contemporary liturgical practices. In response, KCBA collaborated closely with the parish to develop an updated version of a Romanesque-style Basilica. The materials selected, including banded block, also helped recall traditions of the early Church. The interior space is characterized by natural light in both the narthex area as well as the sanctuary which is illuminated by a large central clerestory. The project also included the construction of a 100-seat chapel.

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