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Avon Grove High School
Avon Grove School District

West Grove, PA

New Construction

The KCBA team is privileged to be serving as the architect for Avon Grove School District’s facilities program which encompasses the design of a new high school and conversion of the former high school building to serve as the district middle school. This initiative represents a continuation of KCBA’s long-term relationship with AGSD which previously produced the new Avon Grove Intermediate School and the district kindergarten center.

The first phase of the program is the establishment of the new high school on a beautiful, currently vacant site known as the Sunnyside property. The rolling 153-acre tract will be transformed into a vibrant new hub of activity with a full gamut of indoor and outdoor student and community spaces. The facility will initially house 1750 students in grades 9-12 with the capability to easily expand in the future to accommodate 2200.

The program of the new high school includes a multitude of flexible, collaborative, and project-based spaces which will be interwoven to yield a dynamic platform for learning and development. Key project priorities include the incorporation of advanced security equipment and protocols; a building configuration that invites heavy community use of meeting, arts, and athletic spaces; integration of architectural and cultural features that celebrate the history of the region; utilization of sustainable, energy efficient design strategies and building practices; and resourceful allocation of taxpayer dollars.

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