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Penn State Lehigh Valley Operations Center
Pennsylvania State University

Center Valley, PA

New Construction

This new operations and athletics support building at the PSU Lehigh Valley Campus is currently underway. Slated to be the second building on the satellite campus, the location was carefully studied to optimize space for future buildings as well as enhance campus-wide pedestrian circulation.

Located next to existing outdoor sports facilities, the new building features a landscaped plaza with seating as well as two changing rooms that are directly accessed from the exterior and segregated from the remainder of the building. The balance of the program includes operations-related office space, a break room/conference room, four truck bays, chemical containment rooms and storage cabinets, and a covered outdoor storage area.

In order to optimize a limited budget while still providing texture on the façade, a pre-fabricated metal panel building system with creative application of two types of panels is being implemented. Also of note, the new building is located on top of an abandoned zinc mine necessitating specialized design considerations for the foundation.

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