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Uwchlan Hills Elementary School
Downingtown Area School District

Downingtown, PA

New Construction

This new elementary school represents the continuation of KCBA’s 15-year partnership with Downingtown Area School District which to date has yielded two new elementary schools, three school renovation/addition projects, and the establishment of the innovative STEM Academy high school.

The new Uwchlan Hills Elementary School will be built on the tight, constricted campus that houses the existing school building so the configuration of the new building and sequence of construction is being carefully planned. The new facility for 600 students in grades K-5 will house a full complement of educational and community functions including an innovation lab, STEM classroom, learning commons with a dedicated early childhood literacy area, and cafeteria with stage. The community wing is segregated from the main academic component to provide direct, secure access for after-hours use. Situated within a dense residential neighborhood, the new building will feature a warm, welcoming aesthetic and unimposing scale.

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