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Downingtown High School West
Downingtown Area School District

Downingtown, PA


This major building upgrade is underway to modernize educational environments to accommodate emerging instructional practices, enable the transition to a school-wide concurrent lunch and learn model, upgrade performing and graphic arts spaces, update technology and science spaces, enhance the life skills suite, and establish a new athletics entrance. An existing exterior courtyard will be infilled to establish a central learning core with a range of collaborative environments, learning stair, and new FCS lab. An addition will house the new entry, flexible learning space, and science and art labs and classrooms. Much of the building interior will be reconfigured and renovated such as the performing arts area, science labs, and technical education. A new life skills suite will be established with three rooms with residential amenities to support this instructional program as well as two adjacent emotional support rooms. The addition will contain a rooftop solar panel array transmitting real time data for student instruction.

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